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91 Days- Whew!

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All But Homeless


This post is dedicated to All But Homeless, stats and stuff…

When I first created this blog on April 17, 2013, we were beyond desperate. In fact we were so desperate, we had NOTHING and we’re having trouble just getting by in the day-to-day. Our cupboards were bare, and toilet paper ( and other unmentionables ) had become a luxury we just couldn’t afford. Not to mention the bills. We were two months into the eviction process of the thrift store ( sales were almost non-existence, and I had lost my caregiving job the month before because of my clients dementia, and her ultimately being put in a nursing home ( her primary caregiver lost her job a month or so later when it was determined she wasn’t coming home EVER again) But it took about three weeks to hit rock bottom again. It had been nearly a month since…

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Author: One Concerned Friend

I'm new to blogging but felt compelled to support a friend who is going through a really hard time right now so you might say that my blog is all about friendship ... ;)

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