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Another one of ‘THOSE’ posts! :) $390.00 NEEDED!

They’ve been quite enough? Don’t you think? Please visit their blog and help out this nice, deserving couple. Thanks

All But Homeless


Good Morning –

Hmmmmmmmm. How do I write this post?

There are days when I can almost forget our situation. This IS NOT one of them SO I ask for your understanding and patience with me today as I once again REACH out with some immediate needs in mind.

$390.00 to GO!

No not just a random number I picked out of a hat. It’s the balance of a $3000.00 goal set nearly five months ago. After raising $2,610.00 in as much time , it would seem like a piece of cake to come up with huh?

Well……it would be if we had a viable income which we don’t. Ron has an interview this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll have a real job by the end of the day but it’s early yet.

Anyway, Time stops for no one and as life happens, the needs shift and change and change again.


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24 hours LEFT to RAISE $ 431.87 for our mortgage payment.

They still very much need our help. They have been through so much in the past few years. and they need some relief. Please donate so they can pay their mortgage payment,

All But Homeless


And the prospects don’t look good at this point.

Our mortgage for August was due on the 16th. If not paid by noon tomorrow ( at the latest ) I will have to make the dreaded call to the people who hold our mortgage and all HELL is going to break loose.

It’s as simple as that.

The emails have already started. Today, the phone will start ringing off the hook. Since we began this fundraiser, we have managed to avoid hard feelings and pay each month until this month. PLEASE NOTE : $431.87 is the minimum WE NEED today. For those of you who don’t know, we are already several months behind and they agreed to work with us, as long as we managed to pay at least one payment a month until we can find a way out of this mess.

I am STRESSED already, just thinking about…

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7 days left in August, and incidently….

All But Homeless


In four months we have raised just over $2000.00 which has helped tremendously and we are so very thankful for those who have supported and continue to support us..

But we still have to raise another $1000.00. Preferably before the month of August ends.

Today, we have some immediate needs too. The BIGGY is the mortgage payment. But the as time goes by, getting by in the day-to-day becomes an issue too. Today is one of those days.

So please, please, please.. If you are able donate today

Even the smallest donations add up.


Thanks again. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

Have a GREAT day.

GOD BLESS you ALL! WE couldn’t have come this far without you.

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An Observation


I’m sorry, but this just baffles me! No it sickens me.

This image represents an article written yesterday at All But Homeless. The hands behind glass represents the way the author was feeling when she wrote it. Despite plenty of followers and lots of traffic to her site, not one “LIKE” or other response!

As a society HAVE we really become that callous to the needs of others? Seriously, have we?

PLEASE stop by ALL BUT HOMELESS Today! They need our support.

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Please Please Please HELP us in this home stretch. 60.83% Raised.

Read this, and respond if you are able. These folks are GREAT people. AND they really need this fundraiser to work!

All But Homeless


Getting there BUT Needs still EXIST ! Won’t you help us reach our goal?

$5, $10, $20, $25 …… Anything and Everything ADDS up!!!

Back in April, we were having trouble just getting by in the day-to-day meaning we were going without the most basic necessities, like food, and TP. ( plz read… ) Can you even imagine? I couldn’t until it happened to me. And it was out of that desperation that this blog was born. It was by far, the hardest thing I have ever done in life.

Slowly, thanks to the kind support of total strangers, things began to turn around for us.

It was only then that I could actually determine a realistic fundraising goal of $3000.00.

PLEASE NOTE : We were ( ARE ) NEEDY, not GREEDY! And the goal was NEVER meant to put on easy street and won’t BUT it will give us…

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Resorting to Cuteness! :)

Hey C – You’re brilliant and very cute yourself. But Stanley’s contribution couldn’t hurt. This made me smile this morning. xox

All But Homeless


Meet ‘Stanley’… 🙂He has come onboard to help with our fundraiser. He works really cheap… He works for peanuts.

Seriously though … We are still trying to reach the same goal of $3000.00, we have raised $ 1,765.00 in just over three months which has helped tremendously but I’ll let you do the math. This hasn’t been a GET RICH quick scheme. THE NEEDS are genuine!

The crisis IS over, BUT there are STILL many needs that we need help with.

A portion of July’s mortgage payment remains unpaid. And we really want to work on getting our house in order again. One is a major plumbing issue!

We have a little squirrelled away for these projects, but as time passes, and life happens it gets harder to hold on to.

Won’t you please help us continue the momentum that is going here?

Donations LARGE and SMALL are…

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91 Days- Whew!

This blog needs more attention. Please read and DONATE if you are able to.

All But Homeless


This post is dedicated to All But Homeless, stats and stuff…

When I first created this blog on April 17, 2013, we were beyond desperate. In fact we were so desperate, we had NOTHING and we’re having trouble just getting by in the day-to-day. Our cupboards were bare, and toilet paper ( and other unmentionables ) had become a luxury we just couldn’t afford. Not to mention the bills. We were two months into the eviction process of the thrift store ( sales were almost non-existence, and I had lost my caregiving job the month before because of my clients dementia, and her ultimately being put in a nursing home ( her primary caregiver lost her job a month or so later when it was determined she wasn’t coming home EVER again) But it took about three weeks to hit rock bottom again. It had been nearly a month since…

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High Hopes, High Gear…

Ron and Cheryl are at a crucial place in their fundraising. Please help support their efforts. They’ve come a long way. Thank you. -D

All But Homeless


We are almost half-way there. Check out our GOFUNDME widget here ( link will open in a new browsing window)

That being said, we are still facing some very real challenges in the days and weeks ahead.

One of our biggest concerns today, is getting the balance of July’s mortgage payment paid by the 16th.

That is : $356.87

This is easiest paid through Pay Pal however if anyone is willing and able to pay this, it can also be paid directly to our mortgage holder as well and I will gladly provide specifics . It makes no difference to us as this need is genuine and a high priority.

You may also want to visit our UPDATED NEEDS page to see what else we need help with.

Our goals was $3000.00. We have raised $1,445.00 to date.

We’ve come such a long way in a relatively short period of…

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Yesterday, TODAY and Hopes for Tomorrow!

The list gets smaller. Your contributions are making a difference. This is awesome!

All But Homeless


Today, instead of focusing on what the needs ARE, I want to focus on what the needs WERE .

Back in April, I posted the first item on this checklist . TMI? I am sorry! But this was the REALITY.

The one thing I failed to mention early on, WAS that the last month before I went public with this, I was actually IMPRISONED in my own home for almost a month. Not because I wanted to live like a hermit, but because I could not face the world in the state I was in. NOBODY should have to live like that. I felt like a caged animal.

I am reclusive to a point in my nature anyway, but ad a bit of misfortune to this AND I was toast.

Things were so bad at that point, I couldn’t even think about goals, or the possibility of actually making any…

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